Road Map 2023 / 2024

Discover our exciting roadmap! 🚀 Embark on a journey through key milestones and future objectives, outlining our strategic vision and growth plans.
  • Launch of the Disruptiverse Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Season 1: Mystery Box.
  • Beta version of the Metaverse Web3
  • Demo city: Disruptiverse City.
  • Land distribution through strategic alliances.
  • Launch of Disruptiverse App Lab BETA for Oculus VR
  • Luxury City.
  • Custom spaces for commercial events with partners.
  • Update of the White Paper.
  • Interactive Dashboard Panel at Marketplace
  • Website improvement - Raritys.
  • Sound and Voice System in the Web3 Version
  • 4K Event VR 360 Livestream on Oculus.
  • New Collection of Lands, Buildings, and Interiors.
  • NFT Gated Access WEB/VR: Access to live events with NFTs.
  • Launch of Disruptiverse Luxury City and Night City.
  • Web Search Mechanics (by Region, Username, Land ID).
  • Dashboard in the Marketplace for modifying the Land Name (e.g., AFR-0001 to "Your Name Here").
  • VR Search Mechanics (Region, Username, Land ID).
  • Align VR version with the web version.
  • Create attribute call in the Marketplace Panel for custom Interiors.
  • Create a Dashboard in the Marketplace to enable file sharing in an assigned physical space on the web (PDF and PNG).
  • Categories include:
    • Urban, Commercial, and Metropolis (PNG).
    • Continental and International (PNG & PDF).
    • Megacity (PNG, PDF, Share Screen URL).
  • Integrate URL in the Marketplace for screen sharing in Megacity.
  • Implement City Search Engine.
  • Launch of Season 3 of Mystery Boxes.
  • Miniature Bowling Game.
  • Update and Migration of the online system.
  • Interactive Kiosk in Virtual Reality (URL).
  • Grab Objects Function in Virtual Reality.
  • Grab Objects Function in the web version.
  • Launch of Disruptiverse PC executable in .exe format.
  • Release of New Customizable Avatars.
  • Controlled User Access to Megacity (Lands and Interiors) with password validation.
  • Creation of user profiles, groups, and credentials.
  • Search for NFT Gated Access (events).
  • Adding a webcam to predefined Interiors in existing scenes in the web and .exe version.
  • Integration of the Disruptiverse EXPO Model.
  • Control Console for Live Exhibitors.
  • 3D Pen in Virtual Reality.
  • Sales.disruptiverse.com website.
  • Establishment of an On-Demand 3D Modeling Department.
  • Season 4 of Mystery Boxes (Mystery box).
  • Avatar Customization.
  • Public Status (online/offline) of avatars (WEB).
  • Public Status (online/offline) of avatars in virtual reality (VR).
  • Avatar Creation on the web.
  • Immediate Access Links to Experiences in the WEB version.
  • Public Monitor of avatar statuses (WEB).
  • Scene customization with screen sharing and webcams.
  • Room Moderator (Option for banning and controlled access).
  • Launch of NFTs in the Marketplace as Decorative Assets.
  • PC Version in Virtual Reality (For businesses requiring higher quality).