Disruptiverse Meta DAO Governance

1.0 The following Governance Paper outlines the principles, structure, and processes for governing Disruptiverse Meta DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) committed to fostering a collaborative and transparent environment. The purpose of this paper is to provide clear guidelines for decision-making, resource management, and community participation within the Meta DAO.
2.1. Decentralization: Disruptiverse Meta DAO embraces decentralization, enabling all participants to contribute to decision-making and actively shape the organization's future.
2.2. Transparency: All governance processes, proposals, and voting outcomes are publicly accessible and verifiable on the blockchain.
2.3. Inclusivity: Every participant has an equal right to voice opinions, propose ideas, and vote on matters affecting Disruptiverse Meta DAO.
2.4. Meritocracy: Proposals and contributions are evaluated based on their value and merit to the community, regardless of the proposer's status.
2.5. Security: Advanced security measures are implemented to safeguard the DAO from potential threats or malicious activities.
Governance Structure
3.1. DAO Members: Any participant holding Disruptiverse Meta DAO can become a DAO member, obtaining voting rights and access to governance processes.
3.2. Governance Council: A rotating council of 3 elected members oversees daily operations, moderates discussions, and curates proposals.
3.3. Core Contributors: A group of skilled and dedicated individuals with specific responsibilities for technical, marketing, and community management tasks.
Decision-Making Process
4.1. Proposal Submission: Any member can submit proposals outlining initiatives, projects, or changes to be considered by the community.
4.2. Proposal Review: The Governance Council reviews proposals for relevance, feasibility, and compliance with the DAO's vision and principles.
4.3. Voting: DAO members vote on proposals using Token Weighted Voting during a defined voting period. A majority consensus is required for approval.
4.3.1 Voting weighted: The more tokens a member possesses, the greater influence they have in the decision-making process.
4.3.2 Steps for Token Weighted Voting: Proposal Submission: Any member can submit a proposal, detailing the initiative or change they wish to propose to the DAO. Voting Period: A defined voting period is set during which members can cast their votes on the proposal. The voting period may vary depending on the complexity and significance of the proposal. Voting Options: Members have the option to vote "For," "Against," or "Abstain" on each proposal. Token Weighting: The voting power of each member is determined by the number of tokens they hold. More tokens result in greater voting influence. Tallying Votes: At the end of the voting period, the votes are tallied, and the outcome is determined by the total number of tokens in favor or against the proposal. Majority Rule: Proposals require a predefined majority to pass. For example, a proposal may require a simple majority (50% + 1) or a supermajority (e.g., 66% or 75%) to be approved. Execution: Once a proposal is approved, it is executed, and the results are implemented by the Meta DAO.
4.4.Official Voting System: The Meta DAO hereby designates the voting platform provided by SafeSnap, accessible at https://safe.global/ecosystem, as the official voting system for all governance-related decisions within the Meta DAO. SafeSnap's platform shall be the primary and preferred method for conducting token-weighted voting and decision-making processes.
All members of the Meta DAO are encouraged to utilize the SafeSnap platform for casting their votes on proposals, amendments, and any other matters put forth for community consideration. SafeSnap's off-chain voting system, integrated with the Ethereum blockchain, offers gasless voting, ensuring cost-effective and efficient participation for all stakeholders.
This designation as the official voting system is made with the understanding that SafeSnap aligns with the principles of transparency, security, and inclusivity that the Meta DAO values. However, the Meta DAO reserves the right to evaluate and adopt alternative voting systems in the future, if deemed necessary and beneficial for the community.
By adopting SafeSnap as the official voting system, the Meta DAO aims to promote seamless governance processes and foster active engagement among its members in shaping the DAO's evolution and decisions.
4.5. Execution: Approved proposals are implemented, and their progress is monitored by Core Contributors.
Resource Management
5.1. Treasury: A dedicated DAO treasury is established to fund approved proposals, maintenance, and development activities.
5.2. Funding Allocation: Decisions regarding fund allocation are determined through a voting process, ensuring transparency and accountability.
Amendment and Upgrades
6.1. Governance Updates: This Governance Paper can be amended via a community-driven voting process, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptability.
6.2. Smart Contract Upgrades: Technical improvements and contract updates are implemented through community-approved protocols.
Dispute Resolution
7.1. Dispute Mediation: An appointed arbitration council mediates and resolves conflicts if any dispute arises within the community.
By adhering to these principles and processes, Disruptiverse Meta DAO aims to foster an inclusive and dynamic ecosystem where collective intelligence shapes its evolution.